Saturday, September 3, 2022

Munich & Bolzano : Part 2 - Day 2 Whole afternoon : Olympic Park & Augustiner Stammhus

Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 2 afternoon.

31/7 Day 2 afternoon: Checked into hotel. Walked to Olympic Park and then to Augustiner Stammhus for dinner.

Must-Incur Costs

Optional Costs
Day 2 afternoon
(1) Hotel Europa - SEK1002.67 per person. 1 room for 2 nights. Breakfast included. 
(2) Dinner at Augustiner Stammhus - Schweinshaxe (Pork knuckle which is at the foot of the pig) with potato dumpling and Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) EUR17.90 (there was a deal that day, lucky us), dessert Apple strudel (a must-eat in the Bavaria state) EUR7.90 and Radler (mixture of beer and soda) 500ml for EUR4.30, Coffee cappucino EUR3.50

The Story
310722: Upon arrival at Munich train station, we headed our way towards Hotel Europa. It was about 20 minutes walk from the train station. It was not too bad although it was slightly warm. We booked a room that can accomodate 3 of us. We got 2 separate rooms in that room. After checking in, we made our way to Olympic Park. We saw lots of cyclists and I wondered if we should have rented a bicycle because it was too hot to walk. 

Olympic Park was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. In Olympic Park, we decided to go to the highest point to see the view of Olympic Stadium and some parts of Munich town.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Munich & Bolzano : Part 1 - Day 1 & 2 morning : Train ride from Stockholm to Munich

I just got back from a trip - this time by train! What an experience! I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE! I admit that I was nervous to travel again and I did not know where to start my research. I was worried that I will fall sick from Covid which eventually I did but after I got back. Third time, by the way, with Covid. 

In this trip, we took a train from Stockholm to Bolzano which is located in the north of Italy. I was excited by the idea of taking a train across countries and I booked my trip as described in the train's website. During the trip, my friend commented that one can travel back from another place and do not need to travel back the same way one travel from. I smacked myself mentally because I was annoyed that I did not think of that when I planned for trip! In my previous trips, I usually travel to a place and travel back from another place so that I can see more places. Damn it... how could I have forgotten that!

Anyway, I am pleased with how the trip went. This is the summary of the trip: Stockholm --> Munich, Germany (stay 2 nights) --> Bolzano, Italy (stay 4 nights) --> Munich, Germany (stay 2 nights) --> Stockholm

Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 1 and 2.

30/7 Day 1: Overnight Snälltåget (the friendly train) from Stockholm Central Station to Hamburg station. The train came on time at 1615 hours. 

31/7 Day 2: We arrived at Hamburg at 0554 hours. From Hamburg, we took the connecting train (inter-city express - ICE) to Munich at 0736 hours. Arrived at Munich station at 1404 hours.  

Must-Incur Costs
(1) Snälltåget and ICE return ticket: SEK3900 per person. The tickets were bought from Snälltåget's website. I chose from Stockholm to Munich and the train schedule was given by Snälltåget. 

Optional Costs
Day 1
(1) Dinner on Snälltåget - carrot and feta cheese patties with pickled onions and potatoes SEK119. Stella Artois (alcohol-free) SEK29.

Day 2
(1) Breakfast at Hamburg station - Sandwich EUR4.80
(2) Lunch on ICE train - Lentil soup EUR7.90, alcohol-free beer EUR3.40

The Story
30072022 Evening: We met up at Stockholm Central station and boarded the train at 1615 hours. The train came 10 minutes before departure and left on time too. We were worried that the train was not going to appear.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Abisko: Part 6 - Day 4 & 5: Back to Stockholm

Day 4
Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 4.

2/2 Day 4: Leave Abisko at 12pm.
3/2 Day 5: Arrive Stockholm Central Station 6.45am

Must-Incur Costs

Optional Costs

The Story
02022020: We checked out from the cottage at 10am and waited for our 12pm bus at STF Abisko main building. It was a replacement bus from SJ since trains are still not allowed to drive to Abisko due to the derailing works.