Saturday, May 11, 2019

Riga: Part 4 - Day 3: Lido Restaurant

Day 3
Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 3.

20/4 Day 3: Lido Restaurant -- Ferry ride back to Stockholm at 5.30pm (arrive in Stockholm the next day at 11am)

Must-Incur Costs
(1) Ferry ticket: SEK650 per person. The entire cabin costs SEK1300 and shared between 2 of us. We booked a B-class cabin. It fits 2 persons only and has a television.

Optional Costs
(1) Lunch at Lido Restaurant - EUR4.25
(2) Grocery in a local mart - EUR12.50
(3) Dinner in Russian restaurant on the ship - EUR20.50 (Pumpkin steak EUR18, Orange juice EUR2.50)

The Story
20042019: Today, we head back to Stockholm. For breakfast, my friend prepared bacon, half boiled eggs, strawberries, yogurt, bread with cream cheese and tea.

For lunch, we headed to Lido Restaurant, a local restaurant with many chains around Riga. It is a 'pay-what-you-take' concept. All the prices are stated next to the food.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Riga: Part 3 - Day 2 Afternoon: Old Town Riga, Central Market, Freedom Monument

Day 2
Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 2 Afternoon.

19/4 Day 2 Afternoon: Old Town Riga -- Central Market -- The Freedom Monument

Must-Incur Costs

Optional Costs
(1) Lunch - Grilled chicken EUR10.90, Ginger ale drink EUR3.50
(2) Central market - 1.1kg strawberries EUR3, Cranberry juice EUR3, Lingonberry juice EUR3

(3) Entrance fee to House of Blackhead EUR6

The Story
19042019 Afternoon: After checking-in to our AirBnb, we left for Old Town Riga. This was the only place we visited. We had only a day to explore and I think seeing the Old Town was sufficient. And oh, I paid a visit to the Central Market. I always try to find local markets to see what they have in store. Along the walk to Old Town, we passed by KFC and according to my friend, KFC here is cheap. EUR5.50 for a bucket. I have not had KFC for a very long time so I am not sure what is the price now. Come to think of it, I have not seen a KFC in Stockholm. I just googled and found out that there is one in Bromma which was opened in November 2018. That is very recent!

You know you are in Old Town when the pavement and roads are different. Cobbled streets as how all old towns are.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Riga: Part 2 - Day 2 Morning: Arrival in Riga and AirBnb

Day 2
Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 2.

19/4 Day 2 Morning: Arrival at Riga Harbour at 11am (10am Latvia time) -- walk to AirBnb (3km distance) 

Must-Incur Costs
(1) AirBnb - SEK197.30 per person. Total cost is SEK789.18. It costs SEK627.27 for one-night stay. The remaining charges were cleaning charges of SEK52.27 and AirBnb charges of SEK109.64.

Optional Costs
(1) Breakfast buffet on the ship -  SEK126

The Story
19042019 Morning: My friend had paid for a buffet breakfast in advance and so here I am, enjoying the buffet breakfast. If I were to travel alone, I would not have purchased this. I did enjoy the meal and I did not mind paying for it but if given a choice and me travelling alone, then I would opt out on this. I ate a heavy breakfast so I won't feel too hungry for lunch.

The first sight of land. We are entering Riga coast now.

Finally, we arrived at Riga Harbour. It is not a huge harbour. We walked for about 45 minutes to our AirBnb.