Tuesday, December 19, 2017

That time of the year again

It is that time of the year again where it would have been nicer if I could wish you "Happy Birthday" face to face. Instead, I am typing it out, hoping somehow the universe or the outer space or whatever super sonic beam can transmit the waves or vibes to you. 

Another year and you would have been 33 this year. I wondered of all the achievements you could have done, the DIY stuff you could have made, the places we could have gone together. 

So many "would have" and "could have".

Few weeks ago, I dreamt that you came for No. 1 birthday. It was a big milestone of a birthday for her, and you surprised us all being there when you said that you were not going to be around because you went on a holiday. 

I wonder where you are now. Is there an after-life? Have you been reborn? Who are you now? Can you come into my life again? 

Too much pondering on that would be unhealthy but the brain can be stubborn sometimes. 

Back to the main point here.

Happy 33rd birthday, tikus. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Holland (and Sweden) : Part 13 - Day 9 Evening : Grane Gruva (Green Mine)

Day 9 of Holland (and Sweden) Drive

Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 9. 

23/7 Day 9: Sumpfallen Parking -- Ullared -- Grane Gruva -- Stockholm  

Must-Incur Costs

(1) Petrol in Dalsjofors, Sweden  - SEK419.39 / EUR43.42 / 30.86 liter / SEK13.59 (EUR1.41) per liter / Distance from Christianfeld, Denmark to Dalsjofors, Sweden = 618km

Last filled in Christianfeld, Denmark on Day 7

Optional Costs 


The Story

230717 : From Sumpfallen Parking, we have driven to Ullared Shopping Mall to buy home provisions. Ullared is a huge shopping mall which sells a majority of items at wholesale prices. The founder did all the public relation by himself to liaise with all suppliers to get cheap prices for bulk items and unfortunately passed away from multiple tumor in his left brain. The same place where he always uses his handphone. It is suspected this is because he probably did all the supplier communication by himself. 

The parking lot itself is huge too. There are other shops here too, but everyone is mostly here to go to Ullared. I see a lot of camper vans too. We were here till 5pm.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Holland (and Sweden) : Part 12 - Day 8 Afternoon : Kullaberg Nature Reserve - Lighthouse and Walk in Fields

Day 8 of Holland (and Sweden) Drive

Here is a summary of what is spent on Day 8 Afternoon. 

22/7 Day 8 Afternoon: Kullaberg Nature Reserve - Lighthouse and Walk in the Fields -- Sumpfallen Parking

Must-Incur Costs

(1) None

Optional Costs 

(1) Pizza (SEK95) and Cola (SEK20) in a restaurant in Kullaberg Nature Reserve - SEK115
(2) Ice cream - SEK 35
(3) Waffles (SEK48) and Cola (SEK20) in the same pizza restaurant - SEK68

The Story

220717 : From the beach and the caves in Kullaberg Nature Reserve, we were on a mission to find a restaurant in the Nature Reserve. It was about an hour walk before we found the restaurant. It was a short walk in the forest and then, we found ourselves next to the road and across the road is a golf club. We kept walking and saw a car park. Soon enough, we see the entrance to the Lighthouse. 

This is how far we have walked from the beach to the Parking Lot.